Business Services


Industrial Services

Southwest's Industrial Gas Engineers (IGE) can perform a variety of equipment/site specific evaluations to maximize a customer's energy efficiency decisions/improvements. These activities include the following:

  • Analysis of existing energy bills
  • Analysis of electric and gas rate schedules
  • Natural Gas pipeline tariffs, capacities, reliability, etc.
  • Simple payback and life-cycle equipment comparisons for a variety of applications including:
    • Air compression
    • Air conditioning
    • Boilers
    • Cogeneration
    • Distributed generation
    • Water pumping
    • Natural gas vehicles and fueling stations
    • Industrial cooling/refrigeration

Southwest's IGEs can assist prospective customers in:

  • Identifying potential sites for new/future facilities
  • Understanding local air quality issues and permitting requirements
  • Providing recommendations on local architect and engineer firms, equipment vendors and contractors with expertise related to a customer's needs.

We have years of experience in building strong relationships with local trade allies, which can save both time and money for customers needing this type of assistance.