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Heating Your Home

Warmth and comfort. It's what you expect from your home's heating equipment. And that's exactly what natural gas delivers - immediate warm air, without the cool draftiness of other heating systems.

That's because gas furnace delivers air from the vent at about 110°F to 130°F, which can be as much as 40 degrees warmer than an electric pump. Gas furnaces not only provide comfort by bringing a steady flow of warm air, they also heat your home faster, using less energy.

A high-efficiency natural gas furnace - 88 to 97% efficiency - squeezes the most out of every heating dollar and helps you insulate from increasing energy prices. For more energy savings, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat which allows you to set back the thermostat at night or when not at home.

No wonder 77% of consumers prefer natural gas for heating. *

* Source: Marketing Solutions
New Home Buyer Survey, June 2004

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