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Customer Buried Piping

Emergency Info

Suspect a natural gas leak?
Call 911
And Southwest Gas immediately at
whether you're our customer or not.

Si usted sospecha una
fuga de gas natural,
llame al 911
Y a Southwest gas al
Inmediato, si usted es nuestro
cliente o no.

If you’re a property owner or manager, tenant and/or occupant, you’re responsible for maintaining all gas lines on your side of the meter. This “customer buried piping” includes all gas lines running from the gas meter to the appliances or equipment on your property. In some cases, the meter may be located at your property line or a distance away from your home or business.

To keep your home or business safe:

  • Monitor and properly maintain the natural gas lines you own;
  • Periodically inspect your lines for leaks and/or corrosion;
  • Repair the lines immediately if any unsafe condition is discovered.
  • Hand dig when excavating near any buried gas piping.

A licensed, qualified plumber or contractor can assist you in finding, inspecting and repairing your customer buried piping. Click here to search a list of contractors in your area or call the Southwest Gas Energy Specialists at 1-800-654-2765.

Customer buried piping diagram