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Leak Recognition and Response

Emergency Info

Suspect a natural gas leak?
Call 911
And Southwest Gas immediately at
whether you're our customer or not.

Si usted sospecha una
fuga de gas natural,
llame al 911
Y a Southwest gas al
Inmediato, si usted es nuestro
cliente o no.

Whether you have natural gas at your home or business or not, you need to know the following:

How to recognize a natural gas leak

  • SMELL an odor similar to rotten eggs, even if it’s faint or momentary.
  • HEAR an unusual hissing or roaring sound coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline.
  • SEE dirt or water blowing into the air, discolored vegetation surrounding a pipeline, or standing water continuously bubbling.

What to do if you suspect a leak

  • Leave the area immediately.
  • From a safe place, call 911 and Southwest Gas at 1-877-860-6020, day or night. A Southwest Gas representative will be there as soon as possible.
  • Don't smoke or use matches or lighters.
  • Don't turn on or off any electric switches, thermostats, or appliance controls or use automated doors.
  • Don't start or stop an engine.

Call 811 before you dig

  • One call to 811 gets underground utility-owned lines marked for free.
  • Whether you’re a homeowner or professional excavator, every digging job requires a call - even small projects.