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Nevada Rate Schedules

SG-RS/NG-RS - Single-Family Residential Gas Service
SG-RM/NGRM - Multi-Family Residential Gas Service
SG-RAC/NG-RAC - Air Conditioning Residential Gas Service
SG-G1/NG-G1 - General Gas Service - 1
SG-G2/NG-G2 - General Gas Service - 2
SG-G3/NG-G3 - General Gas Service - 3
SG-G4/NG-G4 - General Gas Service - 4
SG-AC/NG-AC - Air-Conditioning Gas Service
SG-WP/NG-WP - Water Pumping Gas Service
SG-EG/NG-EG - Small Electric Generation Gas Service
SG-CNG/NG-CNG - Gas Services for Compression on Customer's Premises
SG-L/NG-L - Street and Outdoor Lighting Gas Services
SG-OS/NG/OS - Optional Gas Services
SG-AS/NG-AS - Alternative Sales Service
ST-1/NT-1 - Transportation of Customer-Secured Natural Gas

To learn how gas rates are set click here.



Tariff Schedules are provided as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader plug-in (version 6.0 or higher) is needed to view the documents and can be downloaded for free. Versions are available for most platforms.


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