California Advice Letters

Pending Energy Division Approval

(Awaiting Energy Division approval)

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In Effect Pending Energy Division approval

(In effect while awaiting Energy Division approval)

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Approved by Energy Division

(Energy Division approval received)

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Rejected By Energy Division

(By Energy Division)

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Withdrawn By Utility

(By Utility)

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Served by electronic mail (email):
Amy Yip-Kikugawa, Acting Director
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Southern California Gas Company
San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Belinda Gatti
Energy Division
California Public Utilities Commission
Robert M. Pocta
Public Advocates Office
California Public Utilities Commission
Nathaniel Skinner
Public Advocates Office
California Public Utilities Commission
If you wish to be added to the service list for California Advice Letter filings, please send a request to In your email, please note that you wish to be included on the California Advice Letter service list and how you would like to receive your copies, either by regular, first-class mail or by electronic mail (email). Based on your method of delivery, please include either your mailing address or email address in your request. You may also be informed of formal proceedings (for example, application and rulemakings) before the Commission. To learn how to participate, please contact the California Public Utilities Commission Public Advisor’s Office at 415-703-2074 or

Learn How Gas Rates Are Set

The rates used by Southwest Gas are set by state regulatory commissions using a process called the "rate case cycle." Because of individual state regulations, the rate case cycle differs slightly for each state. See how rates are set for your state.

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Commission Websites

Check your state’s Commission office for more information on utility regulation and consumer programs and services.