Supplier Application Form

To be considered as a provider of products and/or services, complete the registration process below. 

Supplier Application Instructions

To apply, please fill out the Supplier Application and IRS W-9 form and email the completed forms to one of the destinations below.
Diverse Potential Service or Materials Provider:
Non-Diverse Potential Service Provider:
Non-Diverse Potential Materials Provider:
The most current version of the IRS W-9 forms can be found at Please note that by opening this link you are leaving a secured website and agree to hold harmless Southwest Gas, its officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and representatives from any claims or damages of any kind arising or resulting from the use or access to the linked website.

Prospective Suppliers

This form is to express interest in being a supplier, contractor, subcontractor or any other such provider of products and services to Southwest Gas. Submitting the form does not make one an approved supplier. If approved, the information provided may need to be resubmitted and may include the collection of additional documents. 
For additional information and requirements for doing business with Southwest Gas, please email