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Tips and programs are available to help you conserve energy to lower your bill.

Cooler weather. Higher gas usage.

Natural Gas Prices are Increasing

Natural gas prices are increasing by as much as an average of 30% nationwide, according to Federal officials. Coupled with the increased use of gas to heat homes during the cold months, Southwest Gas customers may see higher natural gas bills this winter. However, natural gas is still expected to remain one of the lowest utility bills customers will face each month.

Southwest Gas Does Not Profit from the Cost of Natural Gas

Southwest Gas purchases natural gas on behalf of customers from the commercial market and passes the cost straight through to customers with no markup or profit. Our customers pay what we pay.  

Programs and Tips to help you

We’re here to help by offering many programs to customers including Equal Payment Plan, financial assistance programs and flexible payment plans. 
  • Change air filters regularly (at least every one-to-three months).
  • Lower your thermostat - save 10% per year by reducing temps by 7-10 degrees for eight hours/day, 1 health permitting.
  • To help keep warm air inside the home and the cold air out, seal leaks and cracks around doors, windows and other openings with caulk or weather stripping.

Find more energy-saving tips for your home or business:

1 AGA: 2019 Efficiency Fact Sheet

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Our Equal Payment Plan can help minimize the expected impact of higher gas costs this winter by helping budget your monthly gas bill. This convenient program offers a fixed monthly payment determined by your estimated annual gas usage.

Consumer Protections from Rate Volatility

Southwest Gas strives to protect its customers from rate volatility caused by fluctuations in the natural gas market by using various rate mechanisms that are designed to mitigate the amount that customer natural gas bills can increase or decrease due to those fluctuations.

Assistance Programs in Your Area

There may be local, county or state funds available to you, if your household has been impacted by COVID-19. Funds are limited and are being distributed in the order in which requests are submitted.
Please dial 2-1-1 and select option 1 then option 9 to speak to a specialist to assist you with funds available in your area or call 877-860-6020 to discuss possible flexible payment options. For information on specific programs in your area click on your state below.

Smart ways to help you.

Make Smarter Greener Better® energy decisions. Use our helpful tools to keep more green in your pocket while increasing energy efficiency with natural gas appliances.
We're proud to be an  ENERGY STAR® partner in our continued commitment to energy efficiency and conservation.

See how your energy use measures up!

Try our Energy Savings Portal today to take advantage of:
  • Comparing your monthly natural gas usage
  • Benchmarking with similar homes in your area
  • Taking a Home Energy Analysis to see how your home uses energy
  • Personalized tips based on your Home Energy Analysis

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Simply use your Southwest Gas account number to join! Have your Southwest Gas bill handy or login to MyAccount for your account number.


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Residential Energy Calculator

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What is a “carbon footprint”? It’s a term used for the carbon emissions produced by everyday activities. Find your carbon footprint by using this energy calculator, and make more informed choices for your home and the environment.

Energy Efficient Homes

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Energy efficient homes are designed to deliver energy savings, making your path to being energy smart a no-brainer.

Home Weatherization

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Keep your home comfortable for all seasons with our tips on preparing your home for every type of weather.