Understanding Your Bill

We know your utility bill can be a complicated topic. We're here to make it easier to understand.
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What Goes Into My Bill?

There are two primary charges on your bill: the Gas Cost and the Delivery Charge.
Your Gas Cost is based on usage – how much natural gas you use to heat your home, warm water, dry clothes, cook a hot meal, or other natural gas uses you may use in your home. The price of gas, like other commodities, is affected by supply and demand. We purchase gas on your behalf, the price you pay is what we actually paid for the gas.
The Delivery Charge primarily reflects a base rate for the cost of providing safe and reliable natural gas service to your home or business. These base rates are only adjusted after a general rate case.
The remaining costs are comprised of surcharges for specific previously approved programs and federal, state, and local taxes. 

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Delivery Charge

Cost to provide safe and reliable service
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Gas Cost

How much gas you use in your home
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Taxes & Surcharges

Federal, state, and local taxes

Why does my natural gas bill fluctuate?

Changes in Natural Gas Prices

The price of natural gas, like other commodities, is affected by supply and demand. We have experienced a significant increase in the cost of gas over the past several years.
The good news – we have started to see gas costs go down. Should this trend continue, this will be reflected in bills this year.

Historical and Forward-Looking Gas Cost

The trend of gas costs from January 2022 and the projected future costs through November 2025; reflecting the price Southwest Gas paid which is passed on to our customers.

Changes in Usage

Wintertime and cooler temperatures contribute to increased usage – things like your thermostat setting, increased water heater usage, or use of natural gas appliances such as fireplaces. Your home's energy efficiency is another factor. Leaks and cracks around windows and doors may contribute to increased gas usage to maintain your home's comfortable temperature.
We purchase gas on behalf of our customers, and the price you pay is the same as we paid – there is no markup or profit to the Company. 
ARIZONA/NEVADA CUSTOMERS: Have questions about your gas bill and energy usage this winter? We have answers and we’re here to help.
Learn more about changes in residential natural gas pricing history at U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Need Assistance?

Assistance Programs

We are here to help. Remember you can sign up for the Equal Payment Plan to help manage your payments and monthly budget. 
We also offer assistance programs, including Energy Share, an direct utility assistance program to support customers with unexpected financial difficulties, and an Installment Plan for those with outstanding bills.
Please dial 2-1-1 and select option 1 then option 9 to speak to a specialist to assist you with funds available in your area or call 877-860-6020 to discuss possible flexible payment options.
For information on specific programs in your area click on your state below.
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How to Read Your Bill

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Energy Saving Tips & Rebates

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Equal Payment Plan

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Ways to Pay

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How to Read a Gas Meter

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How Gas Rates Are Set