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Raise the roof for projects completed with natural gas products.

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Whether you serve residential or commercial markets, we can help. Today’s natural gas products help you meet your energy efficiency needs, even in competitive markets.
Contact our Residential or Commercial Energy Advisors today, and let us help you get started on your next building project!
Some of our services include:
Checking gas availability in your build area.
Installation help with new gas facilities.
Information on natural gas features and benefits.
Carbon calculators and identifying energy-saving options.

Rebates and Programs for Builders


According to a Special Report prepared by the National Association of Home Builders, homes equipped with natural gas appliances sell faster. Differentiate your development and meet growing demand for high-efficiency homes – when you say yes to natural gas.

Rebates and incentives may be available. For more information, or to participate in the program, contact us at: or call us at 800-654-2765

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Want to discover the secret for capturing more than 70% of your market? Build homes that give the customers what they want. Recent surveys state that more than 70% of homeowners prefer natural gas for heating, water heating, and cooking. When you build homes with natural gas appliances, you’re meeting a growing customer demand.
Why choose natural gas?
Efficient and economical, natural gas is the best energy choice for value-seeking customers. 
Natural gas is secure and safe due to underground delivery system.
An abundant domestic supply, customers are ensured a plentiful resource for years to come.
It’s naturally clean state emits fewer greenhouse gases than other energy sources.
Faster home sales, increased profits.
According to a Special Report prepared by the National Association of Home Builders, new single-family homes with natural gas heating and other natural gas appliances sell on average with 6% higher pricing than homes built with electric appliances.
Building greener.
You can build green with natural gas and set yourself apart with homes that save your customers money and energy. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the drain on our natural resources. Your homeowners will thank you. 
Site vs Source Circles

Become an authorized contractor for solar water heating systems.

In order to be eligible for a rebate under the Arizona or Nevada Solar Water Heating Program, systems must be installed by Program Qualified Contractors. For more information on how to become a Program Qualified Contractor or for a list of Program Qualified Contractors  click here.