Commercial Services

Clean energy for your business? You can count on it.

Helping You Make Smarter Energy Decisions

Let Southwest Gas help you optimize your business. From equipment evaluations to maximizing available energy-saving solutions, our qualified professionals are here to assist you.
We offer a variety of business services, including:
  • Installation of new gas facilities
  • Audit of natural gas availability in your area
  • Providing information on natural gas equipment and benefits
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle/fleet information
  • Energy savings option information
  • Seasonal or special programs
Give us a call today to discuss available natural gas options in your area.
Get more wiggle room in your budget with essential savings tips. Energy usage can be a significant part of your overhead expenses. See what you can do to help maximize the efficiency of your equipment and save money.

Phoenix, AZ greater metro area

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Tucson, AZ greater metro area

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Las Vegas, NV greater metro area

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Victorville/Barstow/Big Bear

Northern Nevada communities and Northern California areas

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If your business or operation involves:

  • The potential use of more than 180,000 therms annually
  • Electric generation including cogeneration/distributed generation, water pumping, natural gas vehicles/refueling stations, or industrial cooling/refrigeration

Contact one of our Key Account Management professionals. They have the tools and abilities to work with new and existing industrial and large commercial businesses.  Please check out the industrial services page to learn more.

Commercial Rebates

Southwest Gas can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Start saving today on qualified energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Learn How Gas Rates Are Set

The rates used by Southwest Gas are set by state regulatory commissions using a process called the "rate case cycle." Because of individual state regulations, the rate case cycle differs slightly for each state. See how rates are set for your state.