Grilling Safety Tips

Keep safe during barbeque season with these helpful grilling tips!

Fire Up the Grill Safely!

With summer in full swing, we’d like to share some grilling tips to ensure you and your family enjoy the summer grilling season safely.

Before Starting Your Grill

  • Start with a clean grill.
  • Check gas hoses for holes, cracks, brittleness, and leaks, and make sure there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.
  • Make sure the gas grill is turned off or disconnected before cleaning.
  • Use a small flexible BBQ brush to remove debris. Also, use a thin wire brush to gently clean the holes or ports of each burner.
  • Always follow manufacturer's instructions for proper lighting, safety, and maintenance.
  • Have your grill thoroughly checked once a year to keep it running safely and efficiently.

Lighting Your Grill

  • If a burner fails to light or if the flames go out, turn off the grill. Wait a couple of minutes for any gas to dissipate before trying to relight the grill.
  • A natural gas burner flame should be blue with a small yellow tip. If the flames are any other color, have your grill checked by a qualified technician.

When Grilling

  • Make sure to keep combustible materials such as paper products, linens and clothing away from burners.

After Grilling

  • Make sure the burners and the valve on the natural gas supply is turned off.
  • Keep the hood closed to prevent water from getting into the grill. You may want to consider using a plastic cover for added protection.

Benefits of Natural Gas

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It's Comfortable

Natural gas furnaces deliver warm air without the draftiness associated with an electric heat pump.
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It's Dependable

Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, natural gas is always there for you.
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It's Economical

Looking to save on your energy bills? Look no further. Natural gas provides the best energy value, costing less than electricity, propane and heating oil.
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It's Convenient

An endless supply of hot water, precise control for cooking, and faster drying time for your laundry.

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Energy-Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips
When you're spending more time at home, your energy use may increase. On average, natural gas can save your household $879/year when compared to other homes that use electricity to heat, cook, and dry clothing.

Convert to Natural Gas

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Switching to natural gas can save you money on your utility bill.

Call us at 877-860-6020 to learn how or visit the convert to natural gas page for more information.