Nevada Gas Rates

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An Important Message About Gas Cost Rates

In February 2021, a significant winter weather event brought about unusually high gas costs. Freezing temperatures caused wellhead freeze-offs in Texas, reducing gas supply availability and impacting the natural gas market throughout the United States, including the various basins from which Southwest Gas makes gas purchases for its Nevada customers.

Gas costs had been at record lows before this weather event, which will put upward pressure on gas cost rates from July 2021 through approximately July 2022.
The average natural gas bill for Nevada customers is expected to increase due to the higher cost of natural gas.
The gas cost rate is composed of the Base Tariff Energy Rate and the Deferred Energy Account Adjustment. These rates are updated quarterly using a 12-month rolling average, accounting for changes in the cost of gas purchased on behalf of our customers, with no profit to Southwest Gas.
Which means you pay what we pay for the cost of natural gas. No more, no less.

The initial rate change, including the gas costs related to the February 2021 weather event, will be effective July 1, 2021.

Customers in Nevada will be provided notice of this and other upcoming rate changes with their monthly bill which will provide the estimated bill impact.