Southwest Gas Offers Tips to Customers on Reducing Winter Gas Bills

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Temperatures are starting to drop and that means increased energy consumption as heating systems kick in. Every degree your thermostat is adjusted affects daily energy use and, in turn, your monthly energy bill. Help manage your energy costs this heating season with some easy energy-saving tips from Southwest Gas. 
  • Set the daytime thermostat between 65°F and 68°F, health permitting, and the nighttime temperature at a lower setting.
  • Regularly change or clean air filters. Heating units use less energy and work more efficiently when filters aren’t clogged or dirty.
  • Prolong the life of your furnace and decrease energy usage by having the furnace checked by a licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor.
  • Keep warm air inside the home and the cold air out by sealing leaks and cracks around doors, windows and other openings with caulk or weather stripping.
Delivering safe, reliable natural gas is always Southwest Gas’ top priority. While the company doesn’t service natural gas appliances, such as a gas fireplace, we encourage customers to visit to find licensed contractors in your area.

As always, Southwest Gas encourages anyone who suspects a gas leak to leave the area immediately and call 911 and Southwest Gas at 877-860-6020 from a safe location. Indicators of a gas leak can include rotten egg or sulfur-like smells, even if it’s slight on momentary; and/or a hissing coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline.
Southwest Gas Corporation provides safe, affordable and clean natural gas service to over two million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada.

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