Political Giving Policy

Southwest Gas’ engagement in the political process is important to ensure that matters affecting our business, our employees and sustainable service to our customers are heard and considered in policy discussion. During each campaign cycle, Southwest Gas carefully evaluates candidates from all political parties and supports individuals who have best demonstrated a willingness to advance sustainable energy policies and work with all constituents in their capacity as a government official, if elected or re-elected.
Southwest Gas considers the following criteria and information to ensure our political giving is in alignment with our company’s goals, mission and values:
  • A candidate’s position and, if available, voting record on policy matters that have an impact on Southwest Gas, its operations and the ability to serve its customers
  • A candidate’s role in the policy-making process such as:
    • Committee assignments
    • Committee chairmanships
    • Strategic significance to the candidates’ party or the governmental body in which the candidate is attempting to serve
  • Financial support or endorsements from peer companies and allied trade organizations
  • Whether a candidate’s personal background is inconsistent with our values as a strong community partner and sustainable energy company, including public statements that are intentionally harmful to individuals or organizations, including all protected classes, support for actions that undermine American democracy or other behavior that is not in line with the company’s values or would in any way impede our role as a positive corporate citizen
Southwest Gas’ political donations shall be made in strict compliance with federal, state and local laws. Southwest Gas does not support candidates seeking to be a member of an elected body that regulates the company, including the Arizona Corporation Commission.