Spring Creek Natural Gas Service Expansion

Natural gas for your home.

In December 2019, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) authorized Southwest Gas to expand natural gas service into the Spring Creek area. The initial expansion of our facilities started during the summer of 2020 in Elko Summit Estates and will continue into the Spring Creek community throughout 2021 and beyond.
Expanding natural gas service to the Spring Creek area will allow residents and businesses greater flexibility for water heating, space heating, cooking and clothes drying.
Natural gas offers many advantages, and homes and businesses of all sizes benefit from the dependability and convenience of this clean, efficient and abundant energy source.

Elko Summit Estates

While driving along Lamoille Highway south of Elko, you’ll see our Spring Creek Natural Gas Expansion Project. As we install the high-pressure gas approach main toward Spring Creek, Southwest Gas contractors will also be installing the gas distribution mains along the streets in Elko Summit Estates.
We’d like to thank the residents of Elko Summit Estates for your enthusiastic response and participation to obtain natural gas service. After the gas mains are installed in the streets, we’ll be contacting you individually to schedule the gas service line installation to your home. Please contact us if you have any questions during this process.
Call or email us to learn more at  775-404-3449
Representatives will be coming to Spring Creek soon to help you with the process of converting your home to natural gas. Obtaining natural gas service during the Spring Creek Natural Gas Expansion Project will provide you the most economical opportunity to install a new gas service line from the street up to your home. 
All face-to-face communications will adhere to the appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols.
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For more information, email us at  springcreekoutreach@swgas.com

How Does Converting My Home Work?

  • Southwest Gas will install a new service line to your home and set a natural gas meter
  • A plumber or other contractor will complete the conversion process and obtain the required inspections and permits
  • Once your home passes any inspections needed, we’ll turn on your gas
  • You can start enjoying the many benefits of having natural gas in your home!

Find a Contractor

Our online referral program can help you find an expert. Let them know Southwest Gas sent you — it’s as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Visit the program website below
  • Search using your Zip Code
  • Call or email the contractor to schedule service 

Benefits of Natural Gas

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It's Comfortable

Natural gas furnaces deliver warm air without the draftiness associated with an electric heat pump.
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It's Dependable

Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, natural gas is always there for you.
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It's Economical

Looking to save on your energy bills? Look no further. Natural gas provides the best energy value, costing less than electricity, propane and heating oil.
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It's Convenient

An endless supply of hot water, precise control for cooking, and faster drying time for your laundry.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is natural gas delivered?
Natural gas is delivered directly to homes or businesses through an underground pipeline system.
Can my existing appliances be converted to use natural gas?
Many appliances that are fueled by other energy sources, such as propane, heating oil, or electric, can be converted. A Southwest Gas representative can provide you with a list of licensed contractors who will be able to help you with this process.
What factors should I consider for potential future natural gas service?
• The existing sources used in your home or business (electric, propane, etc.).
• Appliances that could be converted or replaced.
• The amount of energy consumed.
How can I use natural gas?
• Space Heating
• Water Heating
• Clothes Drying
• Cooking
• Fireplace
• Pool and Spa Heating
• Barbecue Grills
• Firepits
• Backup Generator
What are the steps to convert from propane to natural gas?
Due to the technical nature and safety concerns, conversions should only be performed by a licensed contractor.
Customers are responsible for all costs incurred by converting from propane to natural gas. Homeowners, please be advised that during the conversion process, there may be a few days in which you will be without either propane or natural gas service.
  1. Once you select a contractor they will meet with you to determine what appliances can be converted or need to be replaced.
  2. Your contractor will obtain the permit from the Elko County Building Department.
  3. The contractor disconnects propane and installs new piping (if required) to the new meter location (marked by Southwest Gas) and prepares houseline for inspection. This includes disconnecting and capping appliances so the high-pressure test can be completed. Appliances should be converted/installed at this time.
Note: Elko County Building Department will inspect the appliances to ensure they are installed to applicable building codes. The contractor should schedule an inspection prior to disconnecting propane in order to minimize the time you’re without gas service.
  1. Elko County Building Department completes the inspection and notifies Southwest Gas.
  2. Contact Southwest Gas at 877-860-6020 to schedule meter installation and provide billing information to establish your account. Our technician will then set and turn on the meter and check the appliance operation.
For your convenience, you can also download a printable version below.