Automatic Payment Plan

Make Life Simpler

Never miss another due date.

Automatic payment Plan (APP)

Pay your bill automatically every month through the Automatic Payment Plan (APP). Southwest Gas will continue to bill you each month, but, on your payment due date, the bill amount will be automatically deducted from your savings or checking account – no check writing, postage or waiting in line.
Each month you will receive your monthly gas bill with the total amount due. When enrolled in Automatic Payment Plan (APP) the “Please Pay Amount Due” section will display “APP”. This will confirm the total amount due that will be deducted from your checking or savings account on the due date.
To avoid bank and/or additional fees, funds should be available two business days prior to the bill due date.
You can enroll online at by simply logging into your MyAccount and select Automatic Payment Plan under Billing. Notice of enrollment will appear on your gas bill within one or two billing cycles. Click the links below to create an account or login to your account. If you are unable to register online, you can download the mail-in form
Who can sign up for Automatic Payment Plan?
Active Residential or Commercial customers are eligible for the Automatic Payment Plan.
Is there a charge for using Automatic Payment Plan?
No, there is no fee.
After enrolling, how long does it take for my first payment to be automatically deducted?
It can take up to one or two billing cycles. Continue to make payments until notice of enrollment appears on your gas bill.
How do I cancel my participation in the Automatic Payment Plan?
Automatic Payment Plan enrollment may be stopped up to 3 business days prior to the debit date. Simply log into your MyAccount and select “Stop Automatic Payment Plan” from the Billing menu.
What if I change bank accounts?
Your bank account information can be modified by logging into your MyAccount and selecting “Change Automatic Payment Plan” from the Billing menu. Changing banking information may take up to 10 business days for approval from the bank. Any balances must be paid manually until approved.
If you are unable to process the change online, please call Customer Assistance at 877-860-6020 to cancel participation in APP. You can then download the mail-in form to submit a new application.
Can I request a payment extension when enrolled in the Automatic Payment Plan?
No, APP is not eligible for an extension.
When will the bill amount be deducted from my bank account?
On the due date of your gas bill. However, please note the debit information is sent from SWG to the financial institution 3 business days prior to the bill due date and cannot be recalled/stopped once it is sent.

Have you considered enrolling in the Equal Payment Plan (EPP) along with APP?

The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) is a convenient program for residential customers that distributes annual gas costs into estimated equal monthly payments. Usage is reviewed on a quarterly basis and payments may be adjusted. By enrolling in both programs, you know what your bill will be each month and are assured that it will be paid on time.