Beyond the Meter

The natural gas meter at your home or business connects you with safe and reliable service you can count on. But did you know Southwest Gas employees’ commitment extends beyond their day jobs to help create a positive impact for people and the planet? Learn how our employees, your neighbors, are helping make the communities we all call home even stronger.

Introducing Beyond the Meter

A Sustainable Future for All

We live and work in the communities we serve and are committed to extending our impact far beyond the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas service for homes and businesses. We are working to help build a more sustainable future and better quality of life in the neighborhoods where we live and work.

Learn what drives Southwest Gas employees.



Administrator, Damage Prevention


“I’m proud to work for a company that values sustainability.”


Lead Customer Specialist

Outdoor Adventurer

We know it’s our responsibility to always be available when and where we’re needed most.


Customer Service Specialist

Family Man

When we’re out in the field, we do whatever we can to help the customer.


Customer Service Supervisor

Small Business Owner

It means a lot to me to be a part of a company that is going to look forward to offering a more balanced energy future.

Ways We Make an Impact


Energy Saving Tips
We are dedicated to investing in sustainable and responsible business practices that protect the environment, preserve natural resources and safeguard our customers and employees.

Why Natural Gas

Energy Saving Tips
Access to affordable energy and protecting our environment go hand-in-hand. Reliable and sustainable natural gas service is reducing emissions while keeping energy bills low for customers.

Save Money & Energy

Energy Saving Tips
Learn a variety of ways for you to manage your energy use as well as programs and tools to help manage your bill.