Outdoor Living Saving Tips

Outdoor fun doesn’t have to waste energy. Whether you’re by the grill or lounging in the pool, you can practice energy-smart procedures for your outdoor living spaces.

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  • To reduce cooking time, choose foods with comparable cooking times and keep the lid closed as much as possible.
  • Using your barbeque grill in the summer helps to keep your kitchen cool.
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  • Keep your spa or pool covered when not in use. Well-fitted pool and spa covers minimize nighttime heat loss as well as prevent chemical loss and water evaporation.
  • To help maintain pool heating and equipment efficiency, schedule an annual inspection and deliming of the heat exchanger.
  • Check with your pool service technician to determine the minimum number of hours required to run pool filtering and cleaning systems.
  • Natural gas patio heaters use radiant heat, warming objects, instead of the surrounding air.
  • A patio heater's efficiency is affected by the wind. Consider a sheltered area for installation, accommodating manufacturer's required clearances. When mounted along a wall or in eaves, directional gas patio heaters are less affected by wind.
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