Outdoor Living

Make the great outdoors even more comfortable at home with natural gas appliances.

Essential Comfort, Inside and Out

Natural gas can transform a run-of-the-mill backyard into an outdoor oasis. Imagine your family’s enjoyment with a few fantastic additions to your outdoor living space.
  • Soaking in a cozy gas-heated spa
  • Preparing a sizzling dinner on your gas grill
  • Gaslights softly illuminating the backyard
  • Romance filling the air in front of a gas fireplace

See how natural gas can make a big difference in your backyard.
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Did You Know?

A patio heater's efficiency is affected by the wind, so consider a sheltered area for installation, accommodating manufacturer's required clearances. Directional gas patio heaters, when mounted along a wall or in eaves, are less affected by wind.

Transform your Outdoor Spaces

Imagine your home's comfort, both indoors and out. See how natural gas can make a big difference in your backyard, and extend your cozy beyond the walls of your home.

Learn how to transform your outdoor living space

Natural gas can help transform the great outdoors around your home into a relaxing oasis, that friends and family will enjoy all year long. [31]

Outdoor Appliances Brochure

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Learn more about how to transform your backyard into an enviable outdoor oasis!

Natural Gas Grilling

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Outdoor cooking at its best. Check out our grilling brochure for helpful tips and tricks.

Gas Lights

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Available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes, natural gas lighting can illuminate your outdoor ambiance.

Natural Gas Fireplaces & Fire Pits

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Create a comfortable focal point for your outdoor living experience with a natural gas fireplace or fire pit.

Pool and Spa

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Natural gas can turn your pool and spa from chilly to ‘the water’s fine’! See how you can take a dip even in colder weather.

Patio Heaters

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Popular for outdoor comfort, patio heaters can radiate heat up to 25 feet in all directions. See how natural gas heaters can cozy up a chilly evening.

Current Rebates

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Keep more green in your pocket with these offers.

Grilling Safety Tips

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Keep safe during barbeque season with these helpful grilling tips!

  • To reduce cooking time, choose foods with comparable cooking times, and keep the lid closed as much as possible.
  • Using your barbeque or grill in the summer helps to keep your kitchen cool.

Check out additional safety tips

Appliance Dealers/Contractors

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Replacing or upgrading natural gas appliances? Find a contractor through our database of licensed professionals.