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Natural Gas is the Heart of Your home


It’s no secret that your home’s comfort and warmth come from within. Did you know air heated by natural gas blows hotter than electric? That means you’ll get more comfortable, more quickly.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?


If your furnace is 15 years or older, you can save on your heating bill by replacing the unit with a new energy-efficient model. New qualified heating units with the ENERGY STAR® logo can generate between 15-30% savings on energy bills, and help create a smaller carbon footprint.

Why Use Natural Gas Heating?

  • Energizes plenty of daily activities, from cooking to water heating
  • Provides a level of comfort unmatched by electric
  • Delivers warmer air output than other energy sources
  • More energy efficiency equals lower heating bills
  • An overall lower environmental impact than electricity
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Did You Know?

You can cut your heating bill by as much as 10% per year when you reduce your thermostat temperature by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours a day.

Natural Gas.
A Clear Value.


Contractors, builders and homeowners know, it’s preferred for a reason. Natural gas heating costs between 10-50% less than electric, while delivering warmer air than electric heat pumps. From heating your home, to cooking meals, natural gas is the smart choice for savvy consumers. 


Looking for New Heating Equipment?

Natural gas heating systems come in a variety of sizes and prices, including:

Forced-Air Furnaces

There are two basic types; packaged systems which contain the heating and cooling components in one unit, and split systems in which the heating and cooling units are separate.

Packaged Systems

Typically mounted on the roof of the home, a packaged system includes natural gas heating and electric cooling components in one unit.

Split Systems

If you have a heating unit which is separate from your cooling unit, then your home is equipped with a split system. The furnace is usually located in your garage or attic, and the cooling unit is often located outdoors.

Homeowner’s Guide to Heating

Heating Homeowners Guide CTA

Whether you’re new to natural gas heating or simply want to learn more, we have answers to the most commonly asked questions. Discover how natural gas can work for you.

Guide to Heating & Cooling

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Current Rebates & Special Offers

Heating Current Rebates CTA
Rebates may be available for those looking to upgrade or replace natural gas appliances or equipment. 

Appliance Dealers/Contractors

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Replacing or upgrading natural gas appliances? Find a contractor through our database of licensed professionals.