Natural Gas Fireplaces

Nothing is quite as comforting as a relaxing evening by the fireplace. 

Your Family's Favorite Gathering Spot

Natural gas fireplaces offer the warmth and coziness of a wood-burning fireplace, without the hassle of constantly adding more wood. Plus, they’re clean-burning and provide higher heating efficiency.


Consistent Heat
A gas fireplace provides reliable heating at your fingertips through those cold winter months. This equals more comfort, when you want it, for as long as you want it.

Clean Comfort
Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel around, giving you hours of endless energy that is also environmentally friendly. Plus, with natural gas, you’ll never have to shovel out piles of soot and ash.

Instant On & Off
Gas fireplaces are simple to use. With just a flip of a switch, you're provided with instant flicker, flame, and the warming glow of a fireplace.

Need to replace or repair your natural gas fireplace?

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Did You Know?

Consider installing high-efficiency natural gas fireplace inserts or freestanding stoves. If your fireplace doesn't have glass doors, you can install a set to help warm air in the house. NOTE: Glass doors require proper venting.

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Arizona Customers Tax Deduction

You can deduct up to $500 from your personal taxable income by converting an existing wood stove or wood fireplace to a clean and efficient natural gas fireplace.

Perfect for Any Room

Natural gas fireplaces can be easily installed in almost any room in your home and can be vented through an outside wall or through the roof, without a conventional chimney. There are also vent-less fireplaces that require no wall or roof penetration. This means you can have a fireplace in your bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you want to add warmth and ambiance.

Warm your home with clean burning fireplaces

Add ambiance to your home with cozy and inviting natural gas fireplaces that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Find out more about natural gas fireplaces, helpful tips, and energy-saving information.

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Natural Gas Fireplace Offers

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Check here to see if there are natural gas fireplace rebates or special offers in your area.

Homeowner's Guide To Heating

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Whether you're new to natural gas heating or simply want to learn more, we have answers to the most commonly asked questions. Discover how natural gas can work for you.